4pc Coffee Bar No. 8a - Coffee - Amore Mio

4pc Coffee Bar No. 8a - Coffee - Amore Mio

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Coffee Bar by Könitz offers a unique line of mugs and cups for hot beverage specialties. With 11 attractive styles made of high-quality porcelain, Coffee Bar by Könitz offers the perfect cup or mug for 21 coffee specialties. From small espresso cups to large Maxi mugs, each style has been meticulously crafted into a sophisticated design with carefully thought-out details. Enjoy pure coffee delight with Coffee Bar No. 8. With a tall and slim shape, this mug retains the full flavor of coffee, allowing for extended coffee pleasure. The Amore mio collection is embellished with excerpts from a love letter. This charming design gets you in a dreamy mood with handwritten words and letter details in a stylish red and black decor. Let every sip of coffee take you deeper into the most picturesque regions of Italy. Coffee Bar No. 8 is a set of 4 Coffee Cups with saucers. Gift-boxed complete with valuable insights on the art of coffee, this is a perfect present and a special gift to treat yourself.

Additional product information

Material Porzellan/Porcelain
Width (mm) 180
Height (mm) 120
Diameter (mm) 180
Weight (g) 1.660

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