4pc Gift Box Dinner Plates - Elements - Magma

4pc Gift Box Dinner Plates - Elements - Magma

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Nature offers us such a plethora of colours rich in variety. Green is not the same as green, red is not like red and blues are different from blues! Modelled on nature, we developed our ELEMENTS collection - where we capture and immortalise the most varied colours from JUNGLE, OCEAN and MAGMA on the finest, especially light Bone China. Red - the colour of fire, love and passion. Orange - the colour of zest for life and optimism. Yellow - the colour of the sun, light and reason. Arouse memories or sway your feelings anew each dinnertime. How? With our set consisting of 4 dinner plates! The ideal gift for every nature lover and for friends and family. '

Additional product information

Material Bone China
Width (mm) 277
Height (mm) 75
Diameter (mm) 275
Weight (g) 3.355

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